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Unit 1 Exam  Monday 9/29/14
           Lab Safety
Scientific method
lab tools and techniques
Metric measurements and conversions
Characteristics of Life
Common Latin, prefixes, suffixes and root-words used in biology

Answers to Practice Questions -Unit 1
3. You may smell chemicals when you are specifically told to do so.  You may smell them by wafting your hand over the chemical and towards your nose.
You may NEVER taste chemicals.  Assume all chemicals are poisonous
4. wear goggles when working with chemical, heat and /or glass
5. Go immediately to the eyewash and flush eye(s) for 20 minutes
6. Fire Extinguisher- by each exit door.
Fire blanket- by Lab table #6
7. c   8. B   9. B
10. D    11. B*    12. C   13. B   14. A   15. D   16. A
18. B   19. C   20. C   21. B   22. A   23. B   24. A
25. E   26. C   27. C    28. B   29.A   30. A
* Remember if you have a cube with a width of 1 cm, a length of 1cm and a height of 1cm  its volume is 1cmx1cmx1cm = 1cm3.  and the cube can hold exactly 1ml of fliud.  Therefore 1 cm3 = 1 ml  The two units are equal. 

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Have an enjoyable & safe summer
See you in September



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