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  Honors Biology Important Announcement:

Cornell Notes Collection friday 1/24
See list of objectives (7) under the "Student Assignments" link in the menu on the left.
Mid-term Exxams
January 28th-31st have changed their log-on procedures.  You may now create your own user name and password. Please follow the instructions below. As a default you may also use the username and password that were given to you with your assignment

Username: swstudent2

password: biology13


 To register with your own username and password follow the steps below:    

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register (located towards the bottom of the blue box, under username, password and login button)
  3. On the first screen, type the class access code, see below, in the access code field.
  4. Follow the instructions to register. Please DO NOT use your full name as your user name.  Record username and password someplace safe.
  5. At the end of registration process, the SuccessNet log in page appears.
  6. Log in by typing your user name and password.

Information you will need to register 

Class access code: 323EB50EC48209DF6489
When you enroll or register, type the access code exactly as shown above.
Use all uppercase letters.       



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